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“Explore Premium Shearling and Fur Jackets: Your Ultimate Outerwear Destination”

Shop our collection of genuine leather coats & jackets at Moto Craze. Our brand is built on the firm foundations of aviation and an all-American heritage since 1975.

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Women’s Black Leather White Shearling Collar Fur Jacket

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Women’s Dark Brown Leather Shearling Coat Jacket

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Women’s Dark Brown Leather Shearling Coat Aviator Jacket

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Women’s Black Leather White Shearling Fur Collar Jacket

Original price was: $280.00.Current price is: $230.00.





About Motocrazze and our Leather Jackets

Motocrazze is a well known brand which deals in leather outerwear featuring leather motorcycle jackets for riding and sheepskin shearling leather jackets for warmth in winter. Without wasting any singe second let us dwell into the product line and the type of leather used in manufacturing of these leather jackets.

Our top sellers are motorbike jackets made of genuine leather. These jackets are loved by motorbike enthusiasts. Since they have a close connection with bikes, they ride them often. One thing that remains constant while driving motorcycles is the chance of a crash or injury. This is where our Motorbike jackets for men come into play. These bikers jackets have extra protection armor for spots which can be injured easily. Same goes for our motorbike pants. Suppose if you are riding a motorbike and you fear that your knees will be injured if you fall then fear not. Our motorbike leather pants have protection for knees and thighs. They absorb most of the impact during any accident. Our motorbike leather jackets are no less. They are made of genuine leather which is refined and goes through countless quality check process. Not only they offer durability, but the protection guards at shoulders and elbows make sure that you are safest. Furthermore, the fit these jackets provide is perfect if you want a bit of fashion combined with protection. So stop waiting and buy biker jacket of your choice at discount price.

Shearling Leather Jacket for men & women

Apart from motorbike jackets and pants, fashion jackets are our main focus. There are quite alot of different types of fashion outerwear when it comes to leather jackets but we will discuss a few top trending in this section.

A shearling Jacket is made from hide of sheep or lamb. What exactly is shearling? Well it is the skin of sheep or lamb which is processed to make leather. There is however a slight difference. In this case, the wool is left attached to the skin. The suede part is worn outside usually and the wool or fur part becomes the inner lining of shearling leather jacket for men & women. They are also called sheepskin leather jackets because they are made of sheepskin. So is shearling real fur? The answer is yes it is real fur. The wool is left intact to the skin while it goes through cleaning and tanning process. Sheepskin jackets and shearling jackets are considered to be same however there is a slight difference. Sheepskin jacket is a bit on rough side and is cheaper compared to a shearling jacket. This is only because one goes through more tanning and cleaning process than the other. They are also called fur leather jackets or leather jacket with fur because of the fur attached to them. Are the shearling jackets warm? The answer is yes they are warmest of all outerwear for men and women. The fur or wool makes sure to trap heat inside and the leather exterior saves you from cold air outside. The price of sheepskin shearling jackets is on high side usually because of wool. Price can differ depending on how thick or long the wool is. The thicker the wool, the more warmth it will provide. Women’s shearling leather jacket is something which is rising in demand on daily basis. Same goes for men. Are shearling jackets worth it? Simple answer would be yes. They are quite durable and can last upto a decade at least I you take proper care and follow guide lines. Secondly their warmth is second to none. People often ask are sheepskin shearling jackets waterproof? The answer is yes they are waterproof. This is what makes them unique and different.

What are leather bomber jacket or aviator jacket?

Bomber jackets or aviator jackets are both related to aviation. These jackets were made during the world war period for pilots. Cockpit USA was the company given a task to manufacture such kind of clothing which will keep pilots warm during the world wars. They came up with the idea of bomber jackets also known as  aviator jacket or pilot jackets. These jackets have elastic cuffs and waist in some of their models which comes handy in providing better fit and warmth. The leather bomber jacket has many variants and some of the famous ones are V bomber jacket, B3 bomber Jacket, A1, A2 and G1 bomber jacket. They are also made of real leather which provides durability and warmth. The type of leather can differ. They are also made of suede leather which is an iconic in fashion world. Suede leather jackets are soft yet rough. The outer surface of leather is trimmed or filtered in such a way that it does not stays smooth. The rough yet soft suede jacket is highly sought after. Shop now from motocrazze and explore all categories of leather jackets for men and women. Get discount and free worldwide shipping on all products now!

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