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Shearling Jacket for Men

What is Shearling? Simple Shearling is a hide from recently shorn sheep or lamb. It is tanned and processed to make it suitable as raw material for leather jackets. The Wool or fur is left attached to the surface of skin. After processing, one side of hide turns into suede surface and the other side has original wool intact. The suede leather surface is usually treated as the outer surface of shearling jacket for men while the side with wool is placed inwards. This keeps the wool dry in rain since the outer surface of this leather is waterproof.

Features of shearling jacket:

Shearling Leather Jackets are warm which is their primary feature. This is all thanks to the genuine wool lining which is not only warm but soft too. Original wool is denser and more heavy than faux wool which is also known as ‘sherpa’. A Leather Jacket with faux wool is known as Leather Sherpa Jacket. They are cheaper and more lightweight. A commonly asked question is, are shearling jackets expensive? The answer to this question is yes. As compared to fashion outerwear such as Leather Bomber Jackets, Suede Leather Jackets or V bomber Jackets, shearling Leather Jacket for men is more expensive. The price depends on density and length of wool attached to the skin. The more denser the wool is, the heavy and warm the leather jacket will be, hence more costly.

A Shearling Leather Jacket is also known as Sheepskin Jacket. But are shearling and sheepskin jackets the same? Well the overall appearance and process of manufacturing remains the same however there is a little difference between both. A Sheepskin Jacket has a rough surface as compared to Men’s shearling Jacket. Till now we know that shearling Leather Jackets are expensive and heavy as compared to other Fashion Jackets but are shearling jackets worth it? The answer would be a straight yes. Since it is warm, durable and comfortable, One can say that they are worth the investment.

Features of sheepskin Shearling Jacket for men:

Let us discuss the features of Leather Shearling Jackets and why they are worth it. First feature of these leather jackets with fur is warmth and comfort. As wool is a really sleek material, it makes sure to keep you comfortable. Secondly the warmth provided by wool is unmatched. It traps your body heat inside the jacket and the suede surface also keeps the cold wind outside. Are sheepskin shearling jackets waterproof? The answer is yes. The leather and wool both are waterproof. The wool has hydrophobic surface which saves it from getting wet. Additionally it absorbs any vapour from the skin of your body. This keeps you dry in cold weather too. So buy your shearling jacket for men now and avail flat discount and FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on every order.

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